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Plan Your Workflow


Craft your BOO and BOM effortlessly within minutes using StartProto's intuitive routing interface. Elevate your job shop operations to the next level.

Building out the routes for every single part, every single time you want to make something really slows people down. Naturally, we wanted to give users the ability to make the routing steps in less that 30 seconds and let information be added organically. Our routing system allows operators and managers to utilize a flexible and more realistic job tracking platform that accounts for the multiple steps that go into developing a part, even if you do not have all the information Day 1. Comment, attach drawings and pictures, and even videos to truly expedite the software setup.

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The window that can be filled out quickly in order to get routing and work to the shop floor.

Fast Track Route Creation

Fast track the creation of a route and work associated with a job. There's no better way to learn then going through the steps yourself, this is why you are always allowed to go back into routing steps and make changes after you finalize the production process.

Production Workflows

Visualize your production workflows in the most modern way possible. Expedite the learning curve and spot bottle necks before they occur using the next generation of production workflow modeling.

Everything is connected

We've redesigned cloud manufacturing software to offer the most cohesive system for today's manufacturers. All features are connected and included.

Yes, it’s possible to love your software.

For manufacturers, friction is the ultimate bottleneck. It slows you down and stalls your growth.
StartProto eliminates friction by bringing all your data together on one easy-to-use, powerful platform your whole team will love. Now you’re freed up to focus on what really matters: your customers.

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Manufacturing Software That Scales With You.

StartProto was designed to enable all people in your organization to do their best work and increase manufacturing velocity.