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Cloud Software for Machine Shops & Job Shops

Machine & Job Shops

StartProto offers a cloud-based ERP software tailored for machine and job shops facing dynamic changes and workflow challenges. It enables efficient management of schedules, material procurement, and internal operations, ensuring you stay ahead of bottlenecks and unexpected shifts in customer demands.

With StartProto, gain real-time insights into shop floor activities, automate processes to save time, and leverage flexible scheduling to adapt to changing requirements. Its user-friendly interface and robust modules support your shop's growth, optimizing productivity and profitability.

Cloud Software for Tool & Die Shops

Tool & Die

StartProto is a specialized software used by tooling and mold shops to enhance shop management and maximize technology usage. The software, StartProto, provides flexibility in quoting, job control, inventory management, and accurate costing, ensuring you know where a workpiece is in realtime. StartProto is designed to support growth, offering scalable solutions from basic functions to fully integrated business modules, making it an ideal choice for both small and large enterprises in the tooling and mold industry.

Cloud Manufacturing Software for Small OEMs

Small OEMs

StartProto solutions tailored for small Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to optimize planning and scheduling, whether dealing with lots, releases, or splitting jobs. The software helps manage order changes while balancing workflows and anticipating bottlenecks, crucial for OEMs facing shifting ship dates, job priorities, and material delays. It enables leveraging material price breaks from vendors, streamlining shop workflows to avoid overtime, and monitoring external vendor shipments to keep jobs on track and meet deadlines. StartProto Shop Management Software, facilitates updating schedules and dependencies, integrating internal operations with external ones, and purchasing materials at optimal times. It equips small OEMs with tools for accurate quoting using part history, and it quickly flags problems for prompt resolution, ensuring cost control and profitability per job.

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