Looking for a ground-floor opportunity to revolutionize manufacturing that's backed by top investors?

Our Story

After working at global manufacturing companies, we saw the massive disparities between the top 1% of manufacturers and the rest of the industry.​We founded StartProto with the mission of bringing this technology to everyone.


StartProto is led by CEO Tim Felbinger and CTO Zach Cloud, along with an active investment team that has a history of bringing B2B solutions to life at OnScale, NextInput, CallRail, and Internet Security Systems.

Our Culture

We pride ourselves on putting out great work fast & iterating quickly. We’re looking for people who love what they do, enjoy working hard, and have the optimism to plow through any challenge with positivity.

Embrace Simplicity

We believe that the simpler solution is the better one. Avoid complexity.

Own Your Work

Everyone makes major contributions. We recognize going the extra mile.

Always Learning

No one knows everything. We strive to learn from our peers, customers, and industry.

Empower Others

We encourage autonomy- we hire great people who can level up both themselves and others.