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Strong Security, for Your Peace of Mind

StartProto is a U.S.-founded and based company dedicated to keeping your data secure and your manufacturing operations streamlined.

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Secured cloud data for your job shop

ITAR Registered & Compliant Manufacturing Software

Discover how StartProto ensures the highest standards of data protection and compliance, so you can focus on what you do best.

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Cloud-native software hosted on GovCloud

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All data and files securely backed up nightly

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Site security plan with full disaster recovery

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100% US-based system admins and support team

Who We're Working For

Even Small Shops Need Big Security

Many of the shops we work with are family-run businesses, and others are small operations, but all share a deep dedication to craftsmanship and delivering top-tier quality.

These are the businesses that create tangible, vital products. From crafting components for impressive movable bridges to precision-engineered heart implants, and even parts for SpaceX, they make the groundbreaking and the life-changing possible. At StartProto, we support these manufacturers because we genuinely believe the US and the world benefit immensely from the ingenuity and innovation these shops drive.

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Granular Access Permissions

Make Protecting Your Data Easy

We've designed our system to offer advanced file restriction capabilities and user-based permissions. With StartProto, you have the flexibility to set access permissions based on specific roles within your company. Whether it's management access, financial access, or a combination of both, our system ensures that sensitive information is only accessible to authorized personnel.

This level of control not only enhances security but also streamlines your workflow, allowing you to quickly safeguard information you don't want readily available.

US based and secured by AWS infrastructure

World Class Security Infrastructure

StartProto is hosted on Amazon GovCloud, a secure set of data centers physically located in the US and staffed by US persons. These are the same servers used by the Department of Defense and other government agencies.

For customers with government contracts, this ensures data remains in the United States, per section (b) (3) of DFAR 252.239-7010 “Cloud Computing Services” and other compliance regimes.

StartProto data Security approach

Our Approach to Security for US Manufacturers

Creating a secure product and culture to support it is an ongoing pursuit. In this eBook, you’ll learn our approach to building a secure manufacturing cloud platform to help our customers keep their data safe.

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