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New Generation Machining ditches JobBoss

Enterprise Plan
CNC Machine Shop, Contract Manufacturer
Piedmont, South Carolina
New Generation Machining
The Challenge

New Generation Machining was limited to manual paper-based processes by JobBoss2 to run their operations. This not only slowed down the front office processing time, but also left big gaps in the knowledge that was transferred to the shop floor.

The Solution

Implementation of StartProto ____. This has greatly streamlined their operations and has the shop floor and office communicating like never before!

The Results
  • 30% Reduction in Front-Office processing time
  • Paperless shop floor with incredible feedback given from operators
  • Each member of the staff is able to be more versatile with the increased documentation available on the shop floor
  • Great visibility on Work-In-Progress statuses for every job - improving customer feedback loop


New Generation Machining (New Gen) started in 2013 with just one machine and its founder Tyler Hendricks. Founded on the legacy of a family business initiated in the late sixties, NGM was Tyler's venture into independence, carrying forward the craftsmanship and industry acumen passed down from his grandfather. Today, New Generation Machining has 13 employees and does a mix of Job Shop and production work for the transportation, firearms, and other local industries. Over the last 2 years they have seen a rapid increase in the volume and quality of work that comes into the shop as they have continued to invest in new machines, metrology equipment, and their people.


In 2022, Tyler brought on Rachel Sheriff to help with their front office operations and implemented JobBoss2 to attempt to make things run smoother – unfortunately, this only shifted the problems around and still left much to be desired. Things weren’t running smoothly and it was costing them valuable time and resources.

“With JobBoss the shop floor relied on paper travelers and needed instructions on what to do every morning. – A lot of time was spent asking the office questions on Jobs”

Rachel Sheriff — Office Admin, New Generation Machining

Their challenges boiled down to three main areas:
  • Operational Inefficiency: The reliance on physical documents for job instructions, setups, and processes led to a significant amount of time spent on non-productive activities, including searching for information and clarifying job details.
  • Knowledge Management: Managing hundreds to thousands of parts with just part numbers or descriptions made it challenging to remember specifics, leading to inefficiencies and potential for error.
  • Consistency in Quality and Performance: The disparity in operator skill levels meant that only a few could perform at the desired standard, impacting overall productivity and quality.


The adoption of StartProto revolutionized NGM's operations, leading to a 25% improvement in workflow smoothness. This not only eased the daily operational chaos but also paved the way for Tyler to focus on his passion for training new employees and spending quality time with his family. The system's foolproof nature meant that employees could efficiently manage jobs, fostering a sense of empowerment and teamwork.

New Generation Machining's journey from a JobBoss-driven, inefficient operation to a streamlined, digitally enhanced production exemplifies the transformative power of technology in traditional manufacturing settings. StartProto not only resolved NGM's immediate operational challenges but also laid the foundation for sustainable growth, skill development, and work-life balance.

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