Live Insight and WIP

Shop Floor Communication

A thoughtful and integrated approach to manufacturing execution ensures that every aspect of the shop floor communication is handled with precision - from knowing what job to work on next, to providing real-time insights into work-in-progress, and all documentation related to the job.


Reduced scrap rates

Improve precision and quality control to minimize material waste and reduce scrap rates.


Don't repeat yourself

Minimize redundant tasks and data entry to increase efficiency and reduce the risk of errors.


Operator efficacy

Empower your operators to work autonomously with real-time work lists, drawings, and documentation.
Cloud Manufacturing Software

Empower the Shop Floor to Work Autonomously

Equip your shop floor with the tools they need to operate autonomously, enhancing efficiency and productivity. For seamless communication, documentation, and data capture, use StartProto to empower your shop floor today.

Documentation and Guidance

Detailed Documentation for Your Workforce

Provide operators with clear, concise, and comprehensive documentation. Ensure they always know what to do next, with access to operation details, time estimates, part quantities, and more.

  • Allow access to a variety of attachments including MP4, PDF, and rich text documents.
  • Provide comprehensive work instructions using information consolidated from sales orders, jobs, make items, operations, and processes into one interface.
  • Rely on our fast and intuitive interface for an easy implementation and quick information retrieval.
Continuous Improvement

Feedback to Drive Continuous Improvement

Foster continuous improvement by enabling direct feedback from the shop floor. Enhance your processes and quality control with valuable insights from your shop floor.

  • Comments can be added directly to routing for immediate action and management insight.
  • Non-conformance reports (NCRs) are linked to quality control for swift resolution.
  • Operators can upload pictures from the shop floor to provide visual work instructions for the next time around.
Effortless Monitoring and Insight

Effortless Time and Work-in-Progress Monitoring

Track time, monitor work-in-progress status, and identify bottlenecks to optimize your operations. Empower everyone with real-time updates on their progress relative to schedules, ensuring management is well-informed about project timelines and productivity.

  • Live work-in-progress (WIP) status for real-time visibility and less interruptions.
  • Time tracking for accurate job tracking and cost reporting.
  • Built in tools to track and identify bottlenecks, enabling targeted improvements.

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