Elevate Quality, Empower Excellence

Quality Management

Unleash the full potential of quality management within your shop processes using first article tracking, NCR control, and enforced inspection steps at any point in production. Elevate your quality standards and empower excellence.

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Quality Crafted, Excellence Achieved

Track and Document Quality Data

Increase customer satisfaction by reducing wasted time and materials in the manufacturing process.

Revision Control

First Article Management

Easily manage and track first article parts, ensuring smooth identification and progress monitoring throughout the manufacturing process.

  • Utilize the global purple indicator to flag items as first articles, enhancing visibility on the schedule and shop floor.
  • Schedule individual first article parts and track their status in the process, ensuring timely completion.
  • The shop floor can quickly identify first article parts to ensure proper handling and documentation of revisions or new parts.

Scrap and NCR Workflow

Scrap and Track

Keep your scrap and inventory levels up to date while maintaining productivity with built-in scrap recording and corrective actions.

  • Create scrap reports while working on the job to keep inventory levels accurate.
  • Customize the data required during a scrap report to collect cause codes and relevant context.
  • Easily create a Non-Conformance Report (NCR) or a rework job to address quality issues.
Quality Assurance & Control

Enhanced Quality Control

Improve your quality assurance process with flexible operations, custom quality steps, and real-time documentation capabilities.

  • Insert operations at any point in the routing process to ensure parts undergo necessary quality checks.
  • Include custom quality steps and forms for the shop floor to follow, ensuring compliance with quality standards.
  • Attach files in real time during or after the inspection to maintain accurate and up-to-date documentation.

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