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Enhancing Shop Management with StartProto

Owners & CEOs

As a shop owner, days are often filled with surprises, such as dealing with late jobs due to supplier issues and keeping track of high priority work orders. Implementing an comprehensive job shop management system like StartProto can ease the burden by providing real-time data, tracking, and analysis. This helps in making informed decisions about productivity, customer profitability, and investment in new equipment.

StartProto offers a comprehensive view of the business, both on the shop floor and overall, helping to manage chaos and take control. With features like accurate estimating, flexible scheduling, and efficient routings, it ensures that parts are moving out faster than the competition, ultimately allowing the owner to enjoy a life outside the office with peace of mind.

Sales & Estimators Job Shop Software

Sales & Estimators

When quoting hundreds to thousands of unique parts a year, speed is crucial. Juggling RFQs in an inbox without prioritization adds to the complexity. StartProto eases the strain by centralizing all historical quotes and sales orders in one module. By providing historical data on past performance and enabling the recycling of existing routings or operations, StartProto significantly reduces the time it takes to create accurate estimates.

This streamlined process allows sales and estimators to focus on winning more bids and growing the business, while ensuring that each quote is both competitive and profitable.

Navigating the Challenges of Shop with StartProto

Production Managers

Juggling project deadlines, quality control, production scheduling, and budget management while maintaining on-time delivery’s and happy customers. Without the right tools, job shops are impossible to scale. StartProto enables timely communication and efficient decision making for production mangers.

StartProto shop management software provides a solution to these challenges, offering real-time data for managing daily changes, maximizing throughput, and reducing overtime, thereby serving as a vital bridge between the shop floor and the front office.

Easy Work Definition

Engineers & Programmers

As a machine shop programmer, loads of information is processed in a day, from adjusting routings due to material delays to ensuring machines run efficiently. Implementing advanced part management software like StartProto can alleviate these issues by automating processes and providing real-time insights into machine performance and job progress.

StartProto offers a detailed view of the shop floor and the parts that traverse it, enabling informed decision-making about routing efficiency and program feedback. Features like part revision management and granular file control, allow the programmer to provide the right documents based on the part, job, and operation that is up next.

Streamlining Shop Floor Operations with StartProto

Shop Floor

StartProto empowers shop floor employees with real-time work instructions and streamlined task assignment, increasing productivity.

For a shop floor to run with less middle management, the responsibility for managing time and resources efficiently must fall on the employees. From the moment they log in, workers receive organized and easy-to-navigate work queues to guide them through their tasks, ensuring every minute counts.

StartProto is a fully integrated solution that enhances shop management by providing real-time information, flexible scheduling, and automated work dissemination. We help reduce manual paperwork and improve communication between the office and shop floor. This leads to quicker problem resolution and more efficient daily operations, ultimately saving valuable man-hours.

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