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If you’re wondering what the differences are between StartProto and ProShop ERP for running your own shop floor, boosting your top line, and seamlessly connecting your tech stack, production line, real-time data, and inventory management in one cloud manufacturing platform, we put together this no-nonsense overview.

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Having a resource like StartProto to keep everybody logging in, knowing what job they're working on, and what's the status of this job, it makes sense. It's actually pretty unbelievable.
Alex Loper
Owner and CEO
“With JobBoss the shop floor relied on paper travelers and needed instructions on what to do every morning. – A lot of time was spent asking the office questions on Jobs”
Rachel Sheriff
Office Admin & Purchasing
“JobBoss was not user-friendly – lots of paperwork to leaf through. With StartProto we’re able to keep all documentation digitally and give everyone the access they need. It’s a foolproof system and very pleasant to use.”
David Gresk
Shop Manager

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