Stock Made Easy

Inventory Management

Remove the guesswork from inventory with real-time inventory management. Reduce carrying costs, streamline operations, and always know part statuses for improved efficiency and accuracy.


Improved inventory management

Maintain optimal inventory levels to reduce carrying costs and avoid production delays.


Less time spent searching

Reduce wasted time searching by keeping all your documents and their progress in one organized place.


Don't repeat yourself

Minimize redundant tasks and data entry to increase efficiency and reduce the risk of errors.
Cloud Manufacturing Software

Remove the Guess Work in Inventory

StartProto gives you the ultimate ability to see where a workpiece is in real time. Now you will never guess again.

Inventory Visibility

Real-Time Inventory Overview

Gain an exact view of your inventory—including quantities, values, and locations—in a single glance.

  • See a birds-eye view of an entire job, then quickly drill down to individual operations.
  • Access a full cost accounting for each inventory item, including original cost and current overall value.
  • Understand what jobs and orders claim your existing inventory and reallocate if needed.‍


Comprehensive Transaction Log

Ensure full traceability of every inventory movement with our detailed transaction log.

  • View every positive and negative movement of your inventory for complete traceability.
  • Trace any part number or assembly back to its job, order, and customer.
  • Access the entire work history from purchasing to shipping and every operation in between.

Live Inventory Analysis

Inventory Recommendations

Get purchasing and production recommendations based on existing orders and minimum stock levels.

  • Maximize your opportunity for purchase price discounts by allowing StartProto to help with just-in-time purchasing.
  • Set minimum inventory levels on tools and raw materials to be prompted to restock before running out.
  • Easily track and reassign material as priorities change.

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See the success our customers have had using StartProto’s Manufacturing Cloud to transform their businesses.