One Cohesive View

Routing & BOM

Create highly robust routing and BOMs in just a few clicks. Provide your operators with everything they need to succeed.


Forget paper routines

Efficiently reuse digital assets to save time manufacturing, quoting, and shipping.


Protect your data

Ensure your critical data stays safe with cloud backup and redundancy. Prevent data loss even in case of hardware failure or disaster.


Less time spent searching

Reduce wasted time searching by keeping all your documents and their progress in one organized place.

Supercharge Your Travelers

Give your operators instant access to documentation, dates, and priorities to ensure work is done on time the first time.

Fast Track Routing and BOM Creation

Effortlessly create powerful routing and BOMs—eliminating the guesswork for your production team.

  • Create complex routings with assigned processes, work centers, and support for multi-input operations
  • Modify routings in real time to ensure production stays up to date even when processes or requirements change.
  • Empower operators with detailed documentation, including rich text support, images, file attachments, and commenting.


Visualize Production Capacity

Quickly visualize your bill of materials and bill of operations to identify bottlenecks before they affect production.

  • Visualize production from anywhere to stay updated without being on the production floor.
  • Create complex assemblies with multiple production items and easily analyze where you can increase efficiency.
  • Identify production slowdowns by reviewing in-depth process information to know exactly where a job is delayed

Material Planning

Plan for Inventory, Tooling and Materials

Assign items to routings and processes to ensure you always have what you need when you need it.

  • Assign tooling to processes so operators know what they need and where it is.
  • Know inventory amounts prior to scheduling a job and automatically notify purchasers if anything needs to be resupplied or purchased.
  • Document where inventory lives and where to place it after each operation to stop wasting time searching for stock.

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