How Kendrick Tool Engineering Modernized and Improved Shop Performance

Thousands of Parts Made
30% Increase in On Time Delivery
Hundreds of Orders Tracked
Kendrick Tool and Engineering Using StartProto Manufacturing ERP
How Kendrick Tool Engineering Modernized and Improved Shop Performance

Transforming a New Shop

Nick bought KTE and found its manual workflow outdated. He implemented StartProto, a manufacturing cloud system, automating tasks and improving workflow. This enhanced efficiency, increased job capacity, and grew the business, transforming KTE into a thriving, profitable machine shop.After purchasing KTE, Nick quickly realized that the shop's workflow management and scheduling systems were outdated and manual. He found himself spending a significant amount of time juggling work orders, communicating with customers, and managing the shop floor. Nick knew that this was not a sustainable way to run the business and that he needed a better solution to streamline operations and improve efficiency.That's when Nick discovered StartProto, a dedicated system for managing machine shop workflow and scheduling. With the help of StartProto, Nick was able to transform KTE into a highly efficient and organized operation.

StartProto, the manufacturing cloud system, allowed him to automate many of the manual tasks that were previously eating up his time, such as tracking job progress, communicating with customers, and managing inventory. StartProto also provided real-time visibility into the status of each job, allowing Nick to quickly identify bottlenecks and adjust schedules as needed to keep production on track.One of the biggest benefits that Nick saw from using StartProto was the ability to take on more jobs without sacrificing quality or delivery times. By improving scheduling and workflow management, Nick was able to increase throughput and shorten delivery times, which allowed him to take on more work and grow the business. He was also able to hire more employees and expand the shop's capabilities, which further contributed to the shop's success.

Overall, Nick credits StartProto manufacturing software with helping him transform KTE into a thriving and profitable business. With the system's advanced features and user-friendly interface, he was able to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and ultimately achieve his goal of building a successful and growing machine shop.

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