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From Excel to StartProto: How Ram Precision Increased Throughput By 35% With Our BOM And Variant Management Tool

Ram Precision, a tool manufacturer, digitized its operations with StartProto software, enhancing cost estimates, automating tasks, and optimizing workflow. This resulted in improved efficiency, increased customer satisfaction, stronger client relationships, and raised their annual order capacity by over $250,000, reinforcing their industry competitiveness.

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Ram Precision is a northeast, mid-sized tool and die manufacturer specializing in tight-tolerance tooling for the medical device industry.  With StartProto’s software, Ram Precision was able to digitize and streamline their operational processes, increasing their annual order fulfillment capacity by over $250,000. Ram  Precision onboarded its entire workforce onto the StartProto platform in under three weeks and are tracking over 10,000  parts through the solution.

After adopting StartProto, Ram Precision experienced a number of significant benefits that helped the company grow and become more competitive in the industry. One of the most notable benefits was the ability to more accurately estimate job costs and delivery times. With StartProto's advanced features and data analytics capabilities, Ram Precision was able to track job progress in real-time, including material usage, labor costs, and machine time. This allowed the company to more accurately estimate costs and delivery times for each job, which improved customer satisfaction and helped the company win new business. Another significant benefit of using StartProto was the ability to automate many of the manual tasks that were previously required to manage the shop floor.

The system allowed Ram Precision to automate job scheduling, track inventory levels, and monitor machine performance, which freed up valuable time for employees to focus on higher value tasks. StartProto also helped Ram Precision optimize their workflow and eliminate bottlenecks. By providing real-time visibility into the status of each job, the system allowed the company to identify areas of inefficiency and make adjustments to improve overall productivity. This allowed Ram Precision to take on more jobs without sacrificing quality or delivery times, which helped the company grow and become more competitive in the industry.

Finally, StartProto provided Ram Precision with the ability to communicate more effectively with customers. The system allowed the company to provide real-time updates on job progress and delivery times, which improved customer satisfaction and helped the company build stronger relationships with its clients. Overall, Ram Precision credits StartProto with helping the company achieve significant improvements in efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction. By providing real-time visibility into job progress, automating manual tasks, optimizing workflow, and improving customer communication, StartProto helped the company grow and become a leader in the industry.


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