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Jaco Machine hacks growth and doubles in size while using StartProto

Jaco Machine beat the challenge of finding a management system that could support their early operations and scale with their growth.

Enterprise Plan
CNC Machining, Fabrication, Assembly
Amory, MS
Jaco Machine
The Challenge

Jaco Machine was founded in 2022 with the goal to be competitive amongst existing shops and offers in Amory, Mississippi. They needed a management system that could support them early and scale with them.

The Solution

StartProto streamlined the book keeping and order management in the early days, allowing for Jody and the Jaco team to focus on creating excellent products. Now that Jaco has grown, they rely on StartProto help them keep the shop moving.

The Results
  • 30% Reduction in Front-Office processing time
  • Tracking time from the shop floor and having live work progress
  • Trigger large work orders for assemblies and account for existing materials in just a few clicks
  • 25% increase in On-Time Delivery


Jaco Machine, LLC, a family-owned and operated company based in Amory, Mississippi, was founded by Jody and Hope Powell in early 2022. Starting in their garage with just the Powell family members, the company quickly grew to operate with 20 machines in over 12,000 square feet of space. Specializing in CNC machining, fabrication, and assembly, Jaco Machine primarily serves automotive, chemical, and agricultural clients, with 10 employees and over 100 years of collective experience Jaco can machine plastics, steels, aluminum, and exotic alloys. Intending to be competitive in the southeast machining market, Jaco Machine faced the challenge of finding a management system that could support its early operations and scale with its growth.

In 2022, Jody brought on new staff to help with their manufacturing operations and built an outstanding reputation in the industry. With business starting to roll in a decision had to be made on the best way to manage the shop for today and the future expansion plans. Starting the search with JobBoss and landing on StartProto, there were a few key problems Jody wanted to solve.

Jaco Machine had three main challenges to solve for:

  • Centralizing Data: Before StartProto, Jaco Machine had no centralized system for managing orders, quotes, and production information. This lack of centralization made it difficult to track progress, costs, and quality.
  • Streamlining Management: The company needed a system that could simplify accounting processes, integrate manufacturing-focused data, and provide easy access to information like cut sheets, drawings, and task lists.

  • Tracking Product Quality and Profitability: Initially, Jaco Machine lacked the tools to consistently track product quality and profitability. They required a solution that could handle this level of detail as the company grew.

The decision to adopt StartProto came after an unsatisfactory experience with JobBoss's seemingly overpriced offering. StartProto's flexible features, such as the ability to start with certain functions turned off, allowed Jaco Machine to grow at their desired pace. As the company expanded, they gradually enabled more advanced features like multi-level bills of materials (BOMs) and job tracking.

“When you start a business, you only want to focus on doing what you are good at. StartProto is a system that allows that to happen. ”

Jody Powell — Owner and Principal, Jaco Machine LLC

Key Features and Benefits

  • Flexibility: The ability to start with a simplified setup and gradually enable more complex features allowed Jaco Machine to grow without overwhelming their day-to-day processes.
  • Centralized Data: StartProto provided a centralized platform for managing all production-related information, from quotes to orders to inventory.
  • Streamlined Accounting: The Quickbooks integration allowed StartProto to migrate only what was needed leading to a smoother accounting process.
  • Material Tracking: The inclusion of every foot and inch of material in the system eliminated the need for manual checks, saving time and reducing inventory counts.
  • Quality and Profitability Tracking: StartProto enabled Jaco Machine to monitor product quality and profitability, ensuring that they could make informed decisions about their operations.


Jaco has come a long way from when they started using StartProto 13 months ago to today. Initially the application was used for tracking just critical information on orders and quotes, but today Jaco has multiple assemblies in the system that allow for nesting and lot tracking. Without these features Jaco would have never been able to take on the production work they do today.The adoption of StartProto has enabled Jaco Machine to become more than just a job shop. The software has provided the foundation for the company's growth, transforming it from a small family operation into a competitive player in the industry. With StartProto, Jaco Machine has streamlined its processes, improved its management of materials and information, and set itself on a path to further expansion and success.

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