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How Werner Machine Went Paperless With StartProto

Werner Machine improved their one-off part manufacturing process by using StartProto, a software centralizing documentation and communication. The software significantly enhanced accessibility to past job data, reduced setup time, and increased efficiency, making it a game-changer for their business operations.

Enterprise Plan
Fast-Turnaround Machine Shop
Marietta, Georgia
Werner Machine
The Challenge

Werner Machine had a mezzanine for paperwork on every part it had run for the last 20 years, even if they could find documentation on a part they had run in the past, communication on the specifications would lead to further delays.

The Solution

StartProto centralized job info, slashing discovery and preparation times and eliminating physical document risks, streamlining operations daily.

The Results
  • Over 7,000 Hours Tracked
  •  Over 600 Pictures from the Shop Floor
  • 40% Increase In Productivity


For 21 years, Werner Machine has thrived as a CNC job shop. However, the challenges in communication and documentation were creating operational inefficiencies. The biggest hurdle was the slow and cumbersome process of finding the correct documentation, programs, and work instructions for each project, regardless of whether it was new or a repeat job.

Identifying the Core Challenges

The primary obstacle for Werner Machine was the lack of communication between departments, particularly between their programmer, Daniel, and the rest of the team. Since Daniel held much of the program knowledge and managed that data, this gap resulted in significant bottlenecks, by causing team members to have to wait for key information before they could start work.  Additionally, the reliance on tribal knowledge for job setups and the need to cater to repeat customers years later, often asking for the same product, highlighted the inefficiency of their existing system. 

The absence of a centralized and easily accessible information repository meant that valuable time was lost in just getting started on jobs, let alone completing them efficiently.

Digital Transformation with StartProto: A Tailored Solution

Enter StartProto, a manufacturing software solution designed with a deep understanding of the unique needs of job shops. StartProto offered Werner Machine a way to centralize their job information, making it readily accessible and significantly reducing setup times by a staggering 95%. With StartProto, information on old jobs could be quickly found, transforming job setup from an "ask-and-wait" process to a "ready-for-action" approach.

Transformative Outcomes

The adoption of StartProto by Werner Machine led to significant improvements in their operational efficiency:

  • Over 7,000 hours were tracked, showcasing the extensive utilization of the software.
  • More than 600 pictures from the shop floor were uploaded, enhancing job documentation and communication.
  • A 40% increase in productivity was achieved, marking a significant leap in operational efficiency.
  • The transition to paperless manufacturing was successfully realized, centralizing job information and making it effortlessly accessible.

Deep Dive into Werner Machine's Transformation

Easy Access to Job Information

The implementation of StartProto provided a more efficient set of workflows for Werner Machine, fundamentally changing how the company approached documentation and communication. This transformation was pivotal, as it tackled one of the most persistent challenges in the manufacturing sector—efficiently managing and retrieving job information. 

Operations Manager Rob Esco's insights shed light on the profound impact of StartProto's centralization and global search capabilities. He said, “Before StartProto, it definitely slowed us down a lot [...] There was a lot of lack of communication, and it created a lot of bottlenecks for us." 

By streamlining access to previous job data, the team could swiftly locate and reference any project, regardless of when it was last in production.

This advancement was more than just a technical upgrade; it represented a strategic shift towards a more responsive operational model. In the past, the reliance on physical documents not only slowed down the process but also introduced risks of loss and damage, complicating the task of maintaining a reliable historical record of jobs. 

StartProto's cloud-based platform mitigated these risks, ensuring that vital information was secure, backed up, and accessible from anywhere, at any time. 

Reducing Job Setup Times

Before the integration of StartProto, the setup for each new or repeat job was a time-intensive process due to the comprehensive job documentation and manufacturing routing system. Using StartProto, the team had detailed records and instructions at their fingertips and could access the data themselves quickly, reducing any potential delays. 

This efficiency gain had a ripple effect across the entire operation. Faster setup times meant that machines spent less time idle, and projects could be completed and delivered to customers more quickly. This not only improved Werner Machine's capacity to take on more work but also elevated their reputation for reliability and speed in the eyes of their customers. 

The consistency and accuracy provided by StartProto ensured that even customers who hadn’t reached out in years, their jobs could be set up quickly and executed flawlessly since all the data was centrally stored in the system.

Tailoring the Solution to Fit Werner Machine

One of the most compelling aspects of StartProto's value proposition was its apparent customization for the specific needs of Werner Machine. Greg Campbell's observation that the software felt "pre-customized" for their operations speaks volumes about StartProto's approach to understanding and addressing the unique challenges faced by CNC job shops. 

This feeling of having a tailor-made solution allowed Werner Machine to integrate StartProto seamlessly into their existing processes without the need for extensive modifications or a steep learning curve. The ease with which team members, regardless of their technical abilities, could adopt and utilize StartProto, proves the software's user-friendly design. 

It was this combination of deep industry understanding, customization, and ease of use that truly set StartProto apart as not just a software provider but as a partner in Werner Machine's ongoing success.

Using StartProto for Manufacturing Process Transformation

The collaboration between Werner Machine and StartProto marks a significant milestone in the journey towards operational excellence and innovation for Werner Machine.  This partnership illustrates the transformative power of a solution that not only addresses the immediate challenges of managing job information, documentation, and setup times but also deeply resonates with the unique needs of its users.

Greg Campbell's reflection, "it was almost like you guys came in here and looked at what we did and built us a custom program that nobody else was going to have. It’s what it feels like," encapsulates the essence of what makes StartProto stand out—not just as a software solution but as a bespoke tool designed to fit the intricacies of Werner Machine's operations. This sense of having a solution crafted specifically for their needs underscores the depth of understanding and commitment StartProto brings to the table, making its impact profoundly more significant than just operational enhancements.

In addition, the ease of adoption and use, as highlighted by Rob Esco's experience with the software's user-friendly interface, demonstrates StartProto's dedication to accessibility. This aspect ensures that the benefits of the software extend across the entire team, empowering even those with limited technical expertise to contribute effectively to the company's productivity and efficiency goals.


At the end of the day, Werner Machine and StartProto is more than a case study, but an example how tailored solutions, when designed with a deep appreciation of a client's unique processes and challenges, can not only solve problems but also inspire a new level of confidence and capability within an organization. Werner Machine's journey from facing operational inefficiencies to achieving significant gains in productivity and operational flow, with over 7,000 hours tracked, a 40% increase in productivity, and a seamless transition to paperless manufacturing, allows Werner Machine to leverage, scale and take on more profitable opportunities.

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