Purchasing Strategy for Every Job

Purchase Planning

Generate just-in-time purchasing requirements based on real-time inventory levels. Discover cost-effective procurement suggestions and insights to boost efficiency and savings.


Less time spent searching

Reduce wasted time searching by keeping all your documents and their progress in one organized place.


Operator efficacy

Empower your operators to work autonomously with real-time work lists, drawings, and documentation.


Data-Driven decision making

Leverage real-time data and analytics to make informed decisions and continuously improve operations.

A Better Purchasing Platform

Purchasing is easy when it's connected directly to your shop's work. StartProto automatically suggests what to purchase to complete your active orders or to keep you stocked on essential inventory according to your minimum stock levels.

Stock Safety

Unblock Production with Stock Thresholds

Stay ahead of stock shortages to avoid unnecessary delays.

  • Send automatic notifications to your purchasing team when it's time to replenish materials—before an operator tells you you're out.
  • Avoid last-minute rush fees and charges.
  • Easily track all outstanding POs, late orders, and time-sensitive orders.
Live Recommendations

Simplify Procurement with Real-Time Suggestions

Streamline purchasing by receiving live recommendations based on on-hand stock, existing orders, and future demand.

  • Centralize vendor data in StartProto—including preferences, pricing, and lead times—to make informed decisions on order fulfillment.
  • Quickly create orders from the automatic suggestions and edit to suit your needs.
  • Customize purchase orders to include custom line items, attachments, certifications, and receipts.

Browser Extension

Accelerate Procurement with Built-In Browser Tools

Enhance speed and efficiency by adding parts from your favorite vendors' websites using our Chrome extension, eliminating double data entry and opportunity for error.

  • Registered and published as an official browser extension on the Chrome Web Store.
  • Automatically captures current price, item URL, preview image, Vendor SKUs and names, and unit size.
  • Update the pricing on-demand at any time by revisiting the item's original site.

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