Inbound and Outbound Control

Shipping & Receiving

Drive your shipping and receiving departments with up-to-date information from across the shop floor. Always know the status of every part and eliminate surprises.


Ship faster

Exceed customer expectations – reduce lead times and meet them with confidence.


Protect your data

Ensure your critical data stays safe with cloud backup and redundancy. Prevent data loss even in case of hardware failure or disaster.


Stay In Sync

Get instant access to documentation, updates, and statuses to enable your team to make the right decisions.

Control Your Inbound and Outbound

Manage all of your shipping and receiving needs in one place. You can create and track purchase orders, manage vendor information, and automate receiving notifications to your team. Eliminate the need for manual data entry and ensure your receiving process is accurate and efficient.

Shipment Management

Faster Shipping

Streamline your shipping process with intelligent prioritization and real-time tracking of what needs to ship.

  • See all customer ship dates to track early or late shipments in one place.
  • Improve on-time delivery and keep in sync with real-time updates so accounting can invoice as orders ship.
  • Speed up the loading dock and easily attach photos, add notes, and see timestamps of what occurred.
Documentation & Reporting

Detailed Shipping Documentation

Stay accurate and compliant with comprehensive shipping documentation.

  • Instantly prepare packing lists and Bills of Lading.
  • Print labels and check materials into inventory straight from the loading dock.
  • Keep your receiving and purchasing teams aligned on statuses and vendor issues.
Receiving and Quality Control

Efficient Receiving Management

Receive material digitally from any location and queue the shop to start work right away.

  • Create labels when receiving materials to identify the exact job they are for.
  • Stay aligned with purchasing on the status of deliveries, vendor issues, and quality concerns.
  • Monitor the movement of subcontracted services to and from the vendor, ensuring transparency and accountability.

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