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If you're looking for a solution to streamline your quoting process and free up your estimators to focus on high-value work, look no further than StartProto .Easily input and manage your product information, such as pricing, materials, and lead times, as well as the ability to customize quotes based on specific customer needs. Track and manage multiple quotes at once. Generate detailed reports on quote performance.

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Quote for a single part example

Quoting based on run time, setup time and material cost to accurately calculate the cost of producing your parts or services.

Accurately calculating the cost of producing parts or services is crucial for job shops in order to stay competitive and profitable. With traditional quoting methods, it can be difficult to take into account all the necessary factors, such as run time, setup time and material cost, leading to inaccuracies and potential financial losses.

Our software allows job shops to take into account all these factors in the quoting process. By incorporating run time, setup time and material cost into the calculation, manufacturers can produce more accurate quotes and avoid underbidding or overcharging for their products and services. This helps to stay competitive in the market, by providing transparent and fair prices to customers.

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Generate Quotes More Quickly with the Aid of Historical Data

Incorporate valuable insights from your past experiences and effectively leverage historical data to expedite the quote generation process, ensuring not only faster turnaround but also impeccable accuracy and error-free quotes.

Utilize historical data to learn from previous quotes and product configurations.

If you're a machine shop or production shop looking to streamline your quoting process and produce professional, engaging digital quotes faster and with fewer errors than traditional methods, our software is the solution you've been looking for. With our software, you can take your existing processes, streamline the repeatable elements into our quoting engine and achieve a more efficient and accurate quoting process.

Stop wasting time and resources on manual, error-prone quoting processes. Take control of your quoting process with our software and experience the benefits of a streamlined, efficient, and professional approach. Try it today and see the difference it can make for your machine shop or production shop.

Everything is connected

We've redesigned cloud manufacturing software to offer the most cohesive system for today's manufacturers. All features are connected and included.

Yes, it’s possible to love your software.

For manufacturers, friction is the ultimate bottleneck. It slows you down and stalls your growth.
StartProto eliminates friction by bringing all your data together on one easy-to-use, powerful platform your whole team will love. Now you’re freed up to focus on what really matters: your customers.

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Manufacturing Software That Scales With You.

StartProto was designed to enable all people in your organization to do their best work and increase manufacturing velocity.