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Simple, yet powerful features

Realtime analytics

Make informed decisions based on real-time data, from the production floor to the back office.

Advanced Routing

Manufacturing is not a linear process. Your software shouldn't be either. Zero down time, maximum productivity.

Connected Workforce

Turn management into a collaborative experience. One software, one shop, one workforce.

Live Tracking

Paper and post-its have expired. Upgrade to the 21st century and utilize live data & make live decisions.

Secure Cloud

Secured by America's leading cloud infrastructure providers. Your data, your cloud, your eyes only.


Unlock the full potential of your job shop by seamlessly integrating the tools that already work well for you.

Introducing Genuinely Enjoyable ERP Solutions for Manufacturing

A Simple Interface to Help Your Workforce Get More Done


Experience improved margins, higher conversion rates, and stronger client relations with our job shop estimating software. Backed by data from your shop floor you can feel confident you’ll hit your margins and lead time estimates. Save time while building a better relationship with your customers.

Advanced Routing

Parts don’t follow a simple step-by-step process and neither should your software. Our routing system allows operators and managers to utilize a flexible and more realistic job tracking platform that accounts for the multiple steps that go into developing a part.

Floor Interface

Equip your operators with a dynamic tool that gives them everything they need to do their best work: their schedule, job details, and more. Our shop floor time tracking software enables operators to share valuable operational insights in real-time, creating a collaborative space that improves your shop’s efficiency and documents it in the cloud for safekeeping.


Powerful machine shop scheduling software that learns and optimizes your shop’s operational schedule. With a modern, intuitive scheduler, easily adjust the production queue as needed, intelligently group similar orders, reduce your amount of changeovers, and maximize production with the people and machines you already have.


Keep track of your existing inventory in a simple, and easy to understand interface and intelligently plan your future orders. Stay ahead of your shop floor, group your orders and plan ahead to save on shipping costs.

Increased Capacity by 35%

For Ram Precision, their investment in StartProto allowed them to increase throughput, shorten delivery times, and take on more jobs than ever.

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