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Full-Stack Engineer

Help build the world's easiest-to-use manufacturing platform!

About Position

What is StartProto?
StartProto is a seed-stage startup building the future of how manufacturers run their operations. We are building a web-app that makes it easy for management and shop floor workers to communicate with each other on work-in-progress, stock levels, and work instructions. We provide management with a complete picture of productivity and order status. Shop floor workers get a prioritized list of things to work on, access to the exact knowledge they need to keep work flowing, and can easily add their own suggestions.

Why join us?
If you’re looking to join a team who is passionate where you will impact the live of customers daily, you might have a home with us. We pride ourselves on delivering value in a sustainable way. What this means for you: expect to grind when the rest of the team is grinding, but we can work with you on things like WFH when needed.


Our stack:

  • MongoDB
  • Python- Flask
  • React.js
  • Docker / AWS ECS

You will:

  • Help build the world's easiest-to-use manufacturing platform
  • Specifically, you'll be working on our webapp layer (Python / React) focused on both user interface and hooking that into our backend systems
  • Write + test code that follows best practices to ensure compatibility and stability: refine and rewrite as necessary
  • Be a part of our weekly development cycle- be prepared to move quickly!
  • Help us lay a great foundation for our product to scale by working to keep technical debt in check


You have:

  • 1-2 years experience working on a software development team
  • Experience with our stack- (React + Python experience minimum)
  • Familiarity with MongoDB or other NoSQL databases
  • Worked with AWS offerings
  • A love for startup culture


  • Experience with Manufacturing - especially MES, ERP, QMS systems
  • Understanding of making webapps secure

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