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Discover how StartProto ensures the highest standards of data protection and compliance, so you can focus on what you do best – manufacturing excellence

Built for Security


Data security is assured with encryption at rest and in transit. Control over data security is provided.


Robust security is provided by StartProto, with hosting on AWS Cloud, trusted by industry leaders.

Data Ownership and Control

100% US-based system administrators and support. Privacy is ensured through  access control and permissions.

Data Protection and Backups

Data protection is ensured with our policies and nightly backups, guarding against data loss.

ITAR Compliance Support

ITAR compliance is supported in a secure environment with Gov Cloud.


Support for achieving  certification is provided with our tools and assistance.


World Class Security Infrastructure

StartProto is hosted on AWS US East, a secure data center physically located in the US and staffed by US persons. These are the same servers used by the Department of Defense and other government agencies.

For customers with government contracts, this ensures data remains in the United States, per section (b) (3) of DFAR 252.239-7010 “Cloud Computing Services”.

Frequently asked questions

Is my data safe with StartProto in the cloud?

Yes, your data is secure with StartProto. We prioritize data security and ensure that your information is encrypted both at rest and in transit.

Who owns and controls access to my data on StartProto?

You own your data, and access control is primarily managed by you. We provide customizable roles and permissions within the system to give you control.

How long is my data stored, and is there a backup plan?

StartProto supports various data retention policies, and we take regular backups of databases on different schedules, ensuring data integrity and availability.

Does StartProto support ITAR compliance for manufacturers?

Yes, we support ITAR-compliant manufacturers working with defense-related contracts. We host ITAR-compliant sites in a secure environment for added compliance benefits.

Can I export my data if I decide to leave StartProto?

Yes, we provide an export of your data if you ever choose to leave StartProto. Your data is yours, and we ensure a smooth transition.

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