StartProto Partners with Pennybacker Services to Serve High Compliance Businesses

StartProto is excited to announce their partnership with Pennybacker Services. Pennybacker Services is a boutique professional services & consulting firm that helps manufacturing business owners and entrepreneurs implement turnkey solutions to automate their operations and get back to focusing on their customers.

The mutually beneficial partnership will help expand Startproto’s customer base with government agencies, contractors, and manufacturers.  Tim Felbinger, CEO of Startproto said, “We look forward to collaborating with Pennybacker Services to support their growing customer base in streamlining their businesses.”  Our lightweight ERP solution really fits a niche for smaller contractors within who need something easy to use. 

Pennybacker CEO and Co-Founder James LeRond said, “Together with StartProto’s innovative ERP cloud platform, Pennybacker Services delivers capabilities traditionally found in larger ERP solutions.” “After seeing Startproto’s solution, I realized it tackled a lot of the everyday challenges we are often brought in to consult on. We’re excited to get StartProto in the hands of our customers to help accelerate their businesses.”

James also commented on StartProto’s recent ITAR registration saying: “Having recently gone through the process ourselves, we are excited that StartProto’s system is GovCloud and ITAR compliant so our higher compliance customers can leverage StartProto as well.”

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StartProto is an Atlanta-based software company dedicated to modernizing manufacturing through innovative and accessible software solutions. By harnessing the power of modern cloud technology, StartProto empowers manufacturers to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and achieve new levels of productivity.

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Tim Felbinger

CEO, StartProto