What Does 'Lightweight' Mean?

What does the phrase 'lightweight ERP' really mean?

You’re probably wondering what ‘lightweight ERP’ means. Lightweight is defined as a thing that is lightly built or constructed according to Oxford Language. We interpret this as our software not being clunky, having everything you need without being hard to use or buried under layers of buttons and pages. Here are multiple reasons why we define ourselves as lightweight. 

Cloud-Based System 

On-premise systems have information stored on local hard drives, things like your company's computers and servers, which limits accessibility, requires onsite maintenance, is more expensive, and involves longer implementation times. Below further explains the many other benefits that cloud-based systems include. Cloud-based systems are becoming more popular as they have benefits over on-premise, server-based, systems.


This kind of cloud software requires no upfront costs, instead, you make regular payments which makes it an operating expense (OpEx) instead of a capital expense (CapEx). While the monthly fee adds up over time, maintenance and support services are included removing the need for annual contracts. Ideally, the money made by increasing throughput using the software will compensate for any money spent on the cloud software. 

Quick Deployment

Cloud-based software is deployed over the Internet in a matter of hours/days compared to traditional software applications, which need to be installed on the physical server and each PC or laptop. The time spent on installing and maintaining traditional software could be time managing your business. When streamlining is the ultimate goal, minimizing time wasted on a grueling install process is a top priority. 


Cloud technologies provide greater flexibility as you only pay for what you use and can quickly scale to meet demand, for example adding and scaling back licenses. If this was instead an on-premise system, the scalability is lacking as you would have a lot more work to do either adding onto or removing elements no longer needed. Allowing you to quickly scale and only pay for what you need. 

Worry-Free IT

Because cloud software is hosted for you, you don’t need to worry about the maintenance, security, or updating software or the hardware it resides on. Compatibility, upgrades, and security are taken care of by the cloud service provider. Server-based software could possibly require an entire overhaul and re-install, again, wasting time in an environment that should not be focusing on software. StartProto will manage the maintenance for you by providing quick upgrades and new feature rollouts without interrupting your day-to-day business, free of charge.

Easy to Use

The potential to onboard in a week is now possible using the cloud. Operators are able to access our interface from a phone or tablet in minutes after signing up, leaving almost no gap between implementation and manufacturing. Bigger ERP and legacy ERP systems contain tools that go unused by managers and operators creating a busier interface. We carefully selected and placed tools we know you will utilize in the right spots. 

Beautiful software with less hassle means lightweight.

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