Werner Machine Case Study

Werner Machine is a small job shop located in Marietta, Georgia that has implemented StartProto.

Werner Machine is a small job shop located in Marietta, Georgia that struggled with work tracking, knowledge transfer, and scheduling. With around 10 employees in the shop, they often found themselves shuffling around for information on parts, causing frustration for machinists and a lack of insight for management.

Earlier this year, Werner Machine's management realized they needed to find a solution to their problem and began examining software options. After hearing about StartProto from a trusted friend, they decided to implement StartProto, a lightweight cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that handled work tracking, inventory management, and scheduling.

StartProto was adopted and utilized by the entire shop within two weeks. The team at Werner Machine was able to quickly input their existing data with support from the StartProto team. Once fully implemented, they were able to keep track of and document parts more easily, giving the team immediate access to CAM files through their iPads. Werner enabled the shop floor to work more autonomously and leave the programming room uninterrupted.

One of the significant benefits of using a cloud-based system like StartProto is that it allows the engineers and managers at Werner Machine to work from anywhere. This means they can take time off without worrying about falling behind on their work. After implementing the system, the head programmer was able to take a long fishing trip knowing that work will be streamlined and prioritized while he was gone.

The shop is already starting the see an increase in velocity on getting jobs to flow through the shop more efficiently and these benefits will only compound over time. The owner of Werner Machine was delighted with the results of StartProto. Not only did they improve their operations and documentation, but they also saved time and money by streamlining their system.


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