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Manufacturing ERPs have lagged years behind their counterparts; see how StartProto is redefining manufacturing ERP software.

Feeling left behind by your Manufacturing ERP Software? Learn how StartProto is different.

Oftentimes we see a trend in enterprise software companies: once the cloud erp software is set up, the people who spent months convincing you that it’s all worth the time and money disappear. While not exclusive to the manufacturing industry, it’s a universally frustrating trend. Additionally, with all the volatility in the manufacturing software market, it’s becoming more typical for many legacy players in the space to be consolidated and land in the ERP Graveyard, stranding the manufacturers who rely on them with a dead-end product. Your team has very specific goals and jobs, and attempting to function on clunky, outdated software shouldn’t be one of them.

At StartProto our mission is to help make your work easier and more enjoyable.

A big part of meeting that commitment is providing exceptional service alongside our product.

For us, it’s about understanding the details of how your floor runs and allowing you to easily modify our software to fit your operation. If your software isn’t matching how you run your company, is it really going to be able to help you improve it?

As fellow business owners and entrepreneurs, we understand the pressing issues that keep your leadership team up at night. Though some of these are universal - like facing growing pains, retention concerns, and employee safety - others can vary based on your own individual obstacles. Whether your floor isn’t running at maximum capacity or you’re facing difficulties in evaluating how to best use your operational data - you need a solution that caters to you.

StartProto builds genuinely enjoyable erp software for manufacturing, and we back that with genuinely enjoyable service. Frankly, we care. We care about your people, how well you’re running, and how successful you are. Your successes are our successes.

We know what makes a company great is its people, and that’s why we work 1-1 with you and your floor team to ensure everyone has exactly what they need to optimize and track their workflow.

How we define a ‘Genuinely Enjoyable’ service

If you don’t have the proper tools for your team, you can’t properly address issues as they arise (or ones that have been around for some time).

  1. We help companies feel connected. We turn management into a collaborative experience. One software, one shop, one workforce - one goal.
  2. We get your data online - with live tracking. Every floor needs to be able to quickly pivot based on demand. We help you utilize live data and make decisions in real-time.
  3. We create advanced routing in your system. Manufacturing is not a linear process. Your software shouldn't be either.

We don’t set up and get out. We keep working with our clients and knock out the kinks. If there is a resource we have as a company, we’re willing to share.

Your company has enough daily challenges. Your software (and software company) shouldn’t be one of them. That’s why we believe in service first.

We are proud of the solutions we provide, but we’re even more inspired to help you grow. And that starts with giving every client the attention, service, and care they deserve.


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