How Does StartProto Work With Companies?

Improving the software for your company can be a difficult task. Startproto makes it easy.

How Does StartProto Work with Companies?

With so many similar software solutions on the market, it’s no wonder choosing the right one can feel like a daunting task. Moreover, when each product fails to take into account the unique variances each individual company is bound to encounter, you need something more that is pliable and flexible enough to fit your team’s needs. Whether you’ve upgraded in the past and it didn’t match expectations or you’re long overdue to modernize your floor - StartProto can help bring your shop into the present.

StartProto was created by minds who have extensively studied how Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have failed shops across the United States. Until a few years ago, there weren’t many other options available. But today StartProto is rebuilding manufacturing software that surpasses the status quo. We are dedicated to meaningful changes that improve the offerings for everyday manufacturers. Traditional MES and ERP systems are antiquated and most likely haven’t been updated in nearly thirty years. Moreover, their pricing strategy makes it difficult for many loyal customers to afford more progressive and modern solutions.

Lastly, these systems just didn’t live up to their claims to simplify tasks and help operators and engineers.

But StartProto is different. We aren’t simply just another ‘IT’ company full of software engineers trying to sell a product they’ve never had to use. It’s a team of hands-on leaders building the next-generation solution that helps your shop perform like never before. Our software enables your leaders with a smooth workflow management system that provides the right resources for every team on your floor to make production simplified.

Our goal is to function as just another arm of your job shop. By working with teams - and not despite them - we help you model your shop in the digital world - meaning business decisions made in software translates exactly to how you want it done on the floor. We take a ‘birds-eye view’ when reviewing your operation and help to identify choke points. More importantly, we help ensure that our solutions don’t leave you hung out to dry by staying until the job is perfect - and not just ‘good enough’.

And when the software can be improved, we’re by your side looking at how we can make our solution is fit to your needs. We stay until the team is trained and the job is done, and even then - we check in to make sure it’s all running up to par.

Hard Choices, Easy Steps

Changing the software that drives your company’s operations is a big endeavor. We understand that you’re taking on risks and evaluating the likely dip in performance during the integration process. It can be a stressful time, but we are dedicated to working with you to simplify the process, streamline your operations, and make up for any downtime. We work to help you onboard and implement while running parallel with your previous system to help reduce downtime during integration. Our clients can even obtain a return on their investment within a matter of weeks after starting.

And all of that is achievable through our operator-centric approach.

Our goal is to close the gap in communication and performance that can harm manufacturing operations. Each team member isn’t just a cog in the machine, but an essential piece of the puzzle. By working together, we help bring teams back into alignment by finding solutions that meet each department’s needs. Our software helps link operator knowledge and tasks into a centralized system that is easy to access. Plus, it tracks information in a way that can actually improve company decision-making.

Where there’s StartProto, there’s a solution. Let’s see how we can work together to improve your company’s production while making it easy to run your shop floor.


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