Modern ERP for American Metal Formers

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Increased Capacity by 35%

For Ram Precision, their investment in StartProto allowed them to increase throughput, shorten delivery times, and take on more jobs than ever.

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Features Built for Metal Formers

Realtime analytics

Make informed decisions based on real-time data, from the production floor to the back office.

Advanced Routing

Manufacturing is not a linear process. Your software shouldn't be either. Zero down time, maximum productivity.

Connected Workforce

Turn management into a collaborative experience. One software, one shop, one workforce.

Live Tracking

Paper and post-its have expired. Upgrade to the 21st century and utilize live data and make live decisions.

Secure Cloud

Secured by America's leading cloud infrastructure providers. Your data, your cloud, your eyes only.


Unlock the full potential of your job shop by seamlessly integrating the tools that already work well for you.